We became a naysayer.

Even if you take this above line I had written You as a (reader) saying to the writer (me) a naysayer.

I’m never making a notorious.

I’m writing right now in the wisemen point of view and my personal point of view too.

Rather than building our self. We are still ready to point out someone.

We are still ready to blame someone.

We are still ready for others.

Still, we aren’t ready to stop as a naysayer.

As a professional or aspiring to succeed, never do a naysayer job. It won’t long last. Never play only critic roles in your life. Appreciate someone. Make a few acknowledgements on others.

Again sorry, please to go back to my old post, “Constructive criticism accepted”.

I agree we can make valuable and thought-provoking lines can be delivered. But, it should not end in critics. Convey a clear note without a rough line.

Just suggest it.

Don’t say you are wrong.

Just a few months ago, when I was started writing, I never push myself and I never say to myself. Things have to change suddenly and I want to write well enough. It didn’t work out at all. Things will change gradually. If you push a little bit.

Nothing will change in the next second.

Here my clear note is, moreover 100%, try to overcome as a naysayer.

Please convey and suggest.


With respect.

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