I quite wonder on myself at the same time I felt bad too.

Things look like unorganized

My study table seems messy and I still don’t know where I kept the papers

Even my pen stand looks bad because I haven’t thrown the empty refills and pens.

Certain days, whenever I clean my room, I had decided to organize everything every nook and corner. Pens stand and a newspaper stand. My room looks totally organized and I could able to pick the things easily. It feels no hurry-burry at all.

Let’s have some ways, even I prefer to do it.

First, clean your entire room and start working whatever you want. After completion of every work. Keep and maintain the same set of places. Surely, you will able to remember easily and never seems messy. Do not throw here and there. Don’t keep the things, wherever you have the place. Choose the place to keep it.

If you wanna take a piece of paper, you should know where it is?

Start creating this regular habit of keeping things.

Just take a challenge and do for a week. Your room never ever seems chaos or unorganized. Allocate the set of places. A place for books, dresses. Also, if you are storing the files on the PC, don’t store anywhere. Keep it on the required folder. Start creating separate folders and rename them as important and unimportant.

When I started writing every day. I will keep my posts in the one separate word document, that helps me to go through it. No worries. I’m quite happy.

I personally feel and practically doing it right now. This is the most appropriate well-organized habit.


With respect.



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