There is a problem of comparing between one and another, also another problem arises which is people are hesitated to be in their own way.

The massive problem I faced, even we are facing right now.


If I had done this job, what they think about me?

If I attained the success, am I gonna recognized from all?

If you are happy with your own results, before gonna bed.

That’s great.

Please don’t others to interrupt your own happiness you’re your results!

As I said constructive criticism is accepted only from your mentors and your best ones.

Don’t make everyone to involve your limits.

I’m not conveying set your ego or image. Don’t get wrong.

You go and do what you want and what you love.

Live the life what you have been visualized.

Don’t ask permission!

You knew very well, what your output will be?

Just give your best results and feel happy.

Don’t forget to be your own version.

With respect.

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