I’m not only speaking right now in terms of physical fitness. Also, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. I’m not saying about my perspectives upon fitness. Generally, my friend asks me how to be fit. Not only in terms of physical also mental etc.

To start with physical fitness. Let’s take a challenge, wake up at 5 AM. starts drinking a few glasses of water and then jog for 20 minutes and don’t forget to warm down. You feel confident and your body posture feels and looks strong.

Next coming to mind. Start with mediation and place a candle in front of you just keep looking. You could able to focus flexibly. Start writing what you love. I had already spoken about journaling. Also, you can,

What would you love to write? For instance poem or

Some mantra’s for success!

Intellectually fitness is referring to every day you are learning what you love.

That learning makes you stronger!

Even I read economics and entrepreneurship every day. I felt passionate about it. It makes me think well. The whole day I could able to feel the sense of passion.

Spiritually, I say very clearly, so far I had understood. Sitting in a place and realizing yourself with your soul.


With respect.


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