When started blogging. I never imagined, I gonna post 100 consecutively. A single strong statement that I made on myself when I started writing my 1st post. I’m gonna keep on do it. Whatever happens. I convey values as much as I can.

As I said oftentimes, I’m an avid reader that makes me an aspiring writer. So far, I read those wordings are thought-provoking on my soul.

Even I was in dip mode, although I struggled with research on my contents. But my favourite line,

Still struggling, still looking forward!

Thank you so much for my diligent readers and my flawless followers.

Again my favourite line: An art of gratitude to all.

As far as I’m writing, I honestly write for the benefit of the reader.

I’m not blindly promoting myself as a writer period

I have a strong desire to become a better writer. Each and every day.

I still punch for better content and better words.

I salute to my readers and followers.

With respect.


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