Even, I have the same problem.

Are you making your mind to think what’s next?

Are you willing to choose the plan-B?

Things aren’t favourable to us. I think as I said in my old posts.

For the past 7 years of my life. If the things aren’t working out?

There is always a Gen line. I would love to remind myself and also, I would love to share.

The false statement is, the path we had chosen we must travel on the same path.

I completely disagree.

If your right direction was not working out well. Just go by left and attain the destiny.

We all making the same mistakes again and again.

Of Course, I agree, we must be adamant to attain success. But please don’t stick into the same path.

Take another direction. Go-Ahead. There is nothing wrong. You could able to get a special experience. New results.

Every time I write in my journal and in posts too, what is your plan-B.

If the things are getting nasty, what to do?

Should I cry?

Should I drop my plans?

Take another direction, another method, another view, another something. We need.


With respect.


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