Debating is not you must win every time.

If you had read one of my posts, My top 10 rules for extraordinary success. I had mentioned one of the points. Be a skilled debater.

As a debater, everyone knew, one has to be far more 100% related to the given topics. You have to speak the facts, rather than screaming or shouting or hurting your opponent’s deliberately by words.

Please make a habit, if it is important, say categorically or sorry to interrupt you. I have a point.

In fact, I, you and we are deserved to win in every debate. Don’t run for the winning point. Make a precise point. Take a debate challenge, show your strength by your words in a respectable and professional manner.

Be Genuine and straight forward, every point you make.

Don’t be a blind debater. Convey the point with the required resources.

You should not play a bad or foul play.

Try to be wise.

With respect.

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