My routine begins with 5.AM in the morning more often. Refreshing up and drinking 2 glasses of water. And I jog for 20 minutes, then warming down.
Cold water shower makes me feel fresher.
Then deep prayer with the meditation.
A full breakfast.
I will start writing on my whiteboard. To-do-List.
Starts with the journal and watching some mind-blowing documentary.
Reading 2 varieties of books, one is a Kindle E-book and a physical book.
Then again full lunch, again another video might be motivation or about my projects, but pretty sure no more noon nap.
I was doing some research on a few projects. I will do for 3 hours.
Again, evening exercise push-ups and abs workouts and one more shower without soap. One more deep prayer with mediation.
I will organize my room, bookshelf and deleting the unnecessary files in the PC.
A well delicious dinner, start writing Facebook page and Blogging. Watching my favourite YouTube channels and marking as Watch-later.
Then sometimes, I write To-Do-List a night before not often.
Last but never least. Paying an art-of-gratitude to almighty.

With respect.


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