A writer’s life is forever alone. They need to think read a lot. In fact, if you get an accompany with someone you are really lucky.

Every writer would like to read something every day. They would like to find new words and their meanings with relevant examples. They would like to write and to share the valuable information to all the readers.

Every writer has to face the critic. Readers aren’t favourable to the writers. They should come up with better ideas. Ideas might arise but the writer has to note it down in a small notepad. That’s the most critical one. Even I too faced.

Writers should have the skill to edit their drafts. Editing plays a predominant role. If you wrote a plot, if you start editing it, once or twice you will get to know, what is necessary?

If you wanna be a writer, stop thinking as a writer and start writing. Enjoy your writing and rectify it.

With respect.

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