I’m not an MBA student or salesman. But I have a deliberate mindset to do marketing to the customer. That makes me write it.

Certain simple marketing techniques, not exactly techniques but, can I say rules to follow?

If you take a product or anything to market to reach the customer. You must know,

What the product is?

What’re the features?

Who are my customers? Or

How can I reach it out to all?

There are enormous marketing strategies. You must do research about the strategy.

Which strategy gonna reach to the customers?

Do you have the passion and enthusiasm to sell your product?

It’s not a mesmerizing or blind explanation!

Your words should reach the customer.

They must start to love your product.

It’s all begins from you, you have to prepare what to talk?

You have to deliver such a crystal clear about the products.

If you are marketing, every customer should feel interested in your products.


With respect.


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