List out:

  1. What I had done over the past six months?
  2. What I haven’t done yet?
  3. How far I had allotted my time to my goals?
  4. What are my setbacks?
  5. What’re my results so far?

These are all we must ask ourselves. In the 1st of January, we decided our dreams to do in 2019. But, today is the time to track our own results. For the past six months.

How am I doing and dealing with the stuff?

It’s often important to measure, what’s going on?

I personally think we must do this every month. Just writing in the notepad.

Okay fine. Let’s do it by today!

What I planned?

What am doing with the plan?

Is that plan is working?

What are the expected results and if not what should I do?

Nothing will gonna work. If you didn’t track your results.

Every time, we plan, we do the things, but we aren’t tracking the final results. That’s the problem.

The final results pay off. The results will something teach us and we could able to learn from it.

Learning from failure is the best teacher.

My final note: I’m not giving a nervous note. It’s a precaution. Half-of-the-year over. So, we must push our goal harder.

Just close your eyes and remind on the first day of the year 2019.

Then everything works.


With respect.


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