I haven’t read any books until college. It’s a bad statement but, I was hanging around with my high school books.


I started reading the first book in my college library. The language was Tamil. சாதனைகள் சாத்தியமே ( Achievements are achievable). I hope, I’m translating it right! Sorry.

Thangavelu Marimuthu is the author.

It contains only 128 pages. I really struggled to finish it off. At the same time, I would love to finish it because I felt really motivated the way the author has been conveyed.

I never read books for entertainment or passing times (if I feel boring). I will read the book because I love it, I’d love to learn from it. Finally, I’m gonna think with all the possibilities then I’ll apply. Every time, I used to say particularly special about books. Vocabulary. The unknown words make me search the meaning and also to use it in the conversation.

So far, my thinking ability has been widened. I’m feeling like the same books I read, I need to read it again. Still, I could go into deeper.

Every month, I read the minimum 2 and maximum 3.

Then every month, I visit the mall and old bookshop I will buy 2 more books.

My state of mind was happy, it knows what to learn?

This was my asset.

Readers are leaders,

Readers are writers.


With respect.


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