It’s not my sentimental or emotional content. But,

Only two assets had taught me in my life.

It was my open statement.

Tangible was a book and Intangible was my lessons learned in my life.

I will talk tomorrow about books.

I could not believe; how adamant and impatient I was, I mean 10 years ago.

Through patience and perseverance, I was doing a bit good, those two essential qualities. Life started teaching me.

In fact, at this moment I should not write this content. I haven’t reached any milestones.

For the past seven years, I started hanging around with my goals. I was totally amateur. I don’t know, what’s wrong with me? But, I started writing it and working towards my vision, still playing with my sport, still looking for the best effort every day, sorry again same OLD CONTENT (statement), STILL STRUGGLING, BUT STILL LOOKING FORWARD. Even though, I started hating life. At the same time, I was still dreaming to succeed. That kind of, something I don’t know what to say? Can I say it was my obsession? Sounds wired!

But, I think life is not hating me, rather the lesson was teaching me so far.

I wasn’t a simple one-page plan, you can write it and you can win easily as per the plan.

My last line. It’s far more beyond. We could not imagine.

Are you learning and growing what life has been teaching you?


With respect.


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