So far, I was writing based on the successful people they had developed growth-oriented mindsets.

If you take my blog so far. I start with successful people and ends with successful people. For the past 7 years, I started learning from successful people. I was watching their habits and precisely their productivity, decision-making skills, monetary perspectives, hiring, here comes to my part reading books and acquiring knowledge.

I made a few research on this by reading their books and biographies and autobiographies. For instance, I read Microsoft secrets, Google. Then Robin Sharma’s books, Dale Carnegie. Right now, I was reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

Often, if I write or speak something, I will speak about them. And I felt totally inspired. That makes me move forward. Even though, I feel that makes us move forward. To build a succeeding life. I must take them as a superior example.

They are my inspiration, I write based on them.


With respect.


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