To be open-minded. An open-minded person ready to accept anything and they will work. An open-minded person never sticks to the rules. They all are ready to take risks. They won’t doubt among themselves. They are seeking opportunities everywhere.
Even though, they are ready to respond whether right or wrong because doesn’t mean they are making chaos but they are ultimate leaners. They never take too seriously. They have a bit fun but they are the frontrunners and volunteer. 

I still don’t know, how to be like an open-minded person but have a ready mindset to face off. 

Every time, If I start writing, quite frankly I was in open-minded. Moreover, I have the set of topics and I will do a few deep research and I’ll proceed because I must be ready to write. I consider that’s my open-mind. 

To do whatever it takes.

With respect.

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