Foremost wish is HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL. Whatever my dad scolds me, I still love my dad.


On this day, I ran my 12th Marathon 21 kilometres. This is the third time, I was running 21 kilometres. I got a finisher medal. I felt excited, but not much nervous. Because I knew very well, what it takes to be the best finisher? I was hungry to run. Whatever it takes. Apart from my Tennis, I often say Marathon is my profession. Total timing was 2Hours:20Minutes as per my calculation. Even though, it was my 12th Marathon I was still aiming to attain the place. I’m still practising a lot. I never lose my enthusiasm and passion for winning. Next month, I’m gonna run. There is still hope and the possibility of winning. I never ever give up. I’ll bounce back harder.

With respect.


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