IMG_20170124_071301It’s very easy to ask someone, exactly 2 questions:

How to become an entrepreneur?

How you became an entrepreneur?


Where is the step to start?

There is no step.


Take a page and draw the plan. A one-page business plan. You have to do it personally or with your team. Show it to your mentor.

Correct it.

Make a Plan-B.

Jump into it. Meet new customers, promote it, have a marketing strategy, don’t blindly fall on the profit. Honestly speaking, don’t take your 1st-year profit to your home. Re-invest it. It works. You have to create a habit of diversifying. I more often talk about diversification.

You must take calculative risks. The calculations won’t appear in the initial period. Look the calculations. What works out? What not? Why not? It works in the long run. Analyse the market. Look at the customers.

Entrepreneurs leave a legacy to the world.

Are you?


With respect.

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