I personally, dealt burnouts with both physically and mentally.

why am I so active in a few days?
why I cannot be at every day?
How am I gonna deal?
Where is the recipe?

Categorically, attitude matters!
Or the environment decides!
The collaboration was missing!

I read a Forbes article when I was researching about burnouts. Fortunately, I was lucky and deserved to get it.
The American Psychological Association’s Dr David Ballard says,
10 signs you are burning out—and what to do about it.
1. Exhaustion.
2. Lack of motivation.
3. Frustration, cynicism and other negative emotions.
4. Cognitive problems.
5. Slipping Job performance.
6. Interpersonal problems at home and at work.
7. Not taking care of yourself.
8. Being preoccupied with work…when you are not at work.
9. Generally decreased satisfaction.
10.Health problems.

What to do if you are in?
1. Take relaxation seriously.
2. Cultivate the rich Non-Work life. 
3. Unplug.
4. Get Enough sleep.
5. Get Organised.
6. Stay Attuned.
7. Know when it’s you, and when it’s them.
8. Figure out when enough is enough.

My final key Note is, please don’t take yourself too seriously. If you had given your best effort. Fine, say thank you to almighty and sleep well.
There is still tomorrow.
You must prepare to perform. 
You should take care of your spirit. 
You should not lose yourself. 
We all supposed to deal burnouts, but we must step back and bounce back much stronger. 
Needed, if you wanna achieve!

With respect.

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