This is the last part of this book. Before gonna this part, I would like to thank all. Because this book was published in 1965. I bought this book in 2017 from an old book shop. I was really fascinated by the contents of the book. It conveys everything how the human should live with discipline. But I could able to write in a very short manner about this book. Precisely, if I am sharing the lines of the book, it should make an impact on the readers. Of course, I think a few elaborations from every content is needed quite often. This book really changed me. I hope it will change you all. It’s my pleasure. I had shared to you, avid readers. I love you all.

The author starts with,

Memo to the readers no: 9


A few years back I wrote a book about positive thinking that surprised me by quite a success. It seemed to help people, and I received many letters of praise which-naturally-pleased me very much. I also get some pretty sharp criticism from the people who prided themselves on their intellectualism and sophistication. Positive thinking, these critics said loftily, was too down-to-earth, too simplified, too much of cliché, to do anyone any good. It was lifting yourself by your mental bootstraps. It was wishful thinking. It was this, it was that.

Well, when you are the target of criticism, it’s a good idea to listen to what the critics say and try to evaluate it honestly.

“A man,” said Emerson, “is what he thinks about all day long.” This is one way of expressing deep spiritual law, the law that says: “Good thoughts drives out bad.”

Five wizard word: get your mind off yourself. Try it sometimes you’ll see.


And so, we come, finally, to the last chapter. It seems-and is-along time since my solitary walk in the summer, moonlight when the idea of writing a book on the moral challenges of our time first occurred to me. But writing it has been an exciting challenge in itself.

What can I add now to what I had already said?

I have stated and restated my theme: the need to strong inner controls to replace the crumbling outer ones, the need for inner directedness. In an increasingly directionless world, the desperate need in all of us for the kind of responsibility to self and society and the human race that alone can lift man to his full stature in this difficult and demanding world.

I think it all comes down to three things:

  1. an attitude.
  2. a decision.
  3. an action.

There is a verse in the Bible that hammers home that importance of this. In the Gospel according to St. John, Jesus says, “If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” The implication is crystal clear: it’s not enough just to have wisdom in your head. You must put it into action in your life. Mere knowledge of the importance of inner control isn’t sufficient; you must demonstrate it.

Do something specific and concrete that will demonstrate your determination to change yourself and your life for the better. Pay a debt. Heal a broken relationship. End a quarrel. Offer an apology. Pray for someone out loud. Visit someone who is sick, or shut in. Restrain yourself from buying something you had planned to buy for yourself and give the money to the charity instead.

Do whatever you do quietly, without ostentation. And do it, not from fear of punishment or hope of reward, but simply because you want to do it because you prefer to be an inner-directed person.

Don’t content yourself with passive acceptance; break the inertia of the past with the positive, dynamic action, and you will find that you have released hidden powers that will make subsequent acts seem easy by comparison.

Only man can accumulate knowledge and wisdom, and pass them on.


With respect.


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