The author starts with, “you sleep and eat better and think better.” 
Well, your body like the horse and your mind are like the trainer and your will is the jockey.
How is your mind going to be clear and alert if the body that houses it only half alive?
How is your body going to be superb machine it’s designed to be unless your mind and will control it?
“MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO,” I murmured, using one of the few Latin tags I know.
“A healthy mind is a healthy body,” he said.

The Greeks and Romans were more aware of the connection then we are. They knew there had to be a body-minded balance if a person hoped to be self-fulfilment.


Because, it’s is profoundly true, and it is the heart of what I’m trying to say in this book.
Discipline is the liberator: it sets you free-free from the tyranny of laziness, of sloth of flabbiness physical and mental, of harmful habits.

Discipline restores the freedom of your choice: you no longer have to have a cocktail in lunch, you no longer feel compelled to go out in the middle of the night in order to obtain the pack of the cigarettes. When you are a disciplined person, authority is no longer forced upon you from without; it’s something that you yourself control from within.
Difficulties seem to diminish, problems grow smaller, your reserves of energy come flooding back-and all because you’re giving your work-hungry body and diet it needs, at last!

To a great extent, the disciplined person controls his life and his environment. He doesn’t have to be afraid of it. 

One of the most successful control devices is to see yourself as you want to be. Imagination is stronger even than willpower because it can sink into the unconscious mind and bring changes that willpower unaided cannot always achieve.
If you think of yourself as a defeated person, you tend to activate negatives forces that work toward producing defect. If you conceive of yourself as a victorious person, you stimulate creative forces that push you on to victory.

In the last analysis, both the spirit and the body have to be toughened by the discipline and self-denial. If the full potential of the human is to be realized. If the body is too weak, the spirit cannot drive it beyond a certain point. And if the will is lacking, the strongest muscles in the world will not respond to the challenge. But with the will is strong and the body is strong there is almost nothing that a person can do.

America was built by strong-willed, strong-muscled men; our history is full of their exploits.
Memo to the reader no:7
1. You can study yourself and get to know the areas of weakness.
2. You can try to strengthen these weak places by self-discipline and self-denial and prayer. 
3. You can build your moral resistance with spiritual exercises just the way you can build your body with physical exercises. Then when the moral pressure of life come, gradually or suddenly you’ll not be able to endure them. 

As Rousseau said two centuries ago: “Those who would treat politics and morality apart will never understand the one or the other.” 
He was right.

Up next, the most required chapter is waiting for us.
Politics and Morality.

With respect.





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