“To preach the morality is easy,” wrote Schopenhauer; “to find the foundation for morality is hard.”

The ultimate foundation for morality is that immortality doesn’t work, it doesn’t pay off. It doesn’t lighten the burden of living It increases it.

“Every day.” “is an opportunity not to repeat a mistake; every day is an opportunity to do better. That’s a form of forgiveness, isn’t it?”

Furthermore, it’s not enough just to make see the need for self-control and then piously urge them to have it. You have to offer them specific techniques for acquiring such values controls. Otherwise, all your arguments and persuasions will be wasted.

“Society is you, it’s your relationship to every person to meet, every single day. You can’t get out of it any more than you can get out of your skin. Everything you do affects society. Even your thoughts affect it.

“Love always includes responsibility, remember that, if what you’re feeling doesn’t include it, then it isn’t loving. You can’t have one without the other!”

Marriage does not licence for sex-selfishness. This is something that even happily married couples would do well to stop and think about occasionally.

Sex is too powerful, too profound, too elemental a force to be treated lightly or casually. It’s like NITROGLYCERIN-useful so long as it is protected and safeguarded, deadly is it is mishandled or abused.

One basic purpose of sex relations obviously is to create a new life, bring children into the world.

Another basic purpose of sex is, giving oneself to another person.

Be honest with yourself:

  1. Are you using another person to gratify your own desire-or worse, to conceal your own inadequacies from yourself?
  2. If you’re a married man, must you have a sense of conquest to sustain a shaky ego?
  3. If you’re a married woman, you are trying to compensate for the emotional poverty of your marriage?
  4. Are you sex a refuge from anxiety, worry, cowardice, lack of achievement?
  5. It is cover up for the deep sense of personal inadequacy?

Self-honesty in answering such questions is always difficult, and usually painful, but sometimes it can be the beginning of real maturity.

Again, the author making a Memo number: 4

Try Being yourself:

“Why don’t you try being yourself for a chance, instead of what you think other people expect to be?”

“This is the way I am, and from now on this is the way I’m going to be.”

With respect.



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