The trouble with this approach is that the power of “Don’t” is really limited to many areas. Take the matter of cigarette smoking, for example. In the past few years, overwhelming evidence has been presented pointing to the conclusion that cigarette smoking is major health menace, conducive that not only to lung cancer but to a host of other physical ills. Smoking cigarette is plainly unwise and dangerous, and a chorus of voices had arisen-all saying “Don’t”; doctors say “Don’t”; insurance companies say “Don’t”; countless magazines articles says “Don’t”;

And what happens?

People go right on smoking; because the purely negative argument will not stop them. The only thing that will never stop them is an inner conviction, made by themselves, for positive reasons leads to positive actions.

They will not listen if you say, “Don’t smoke; it’s bad for you.” they might listen if someone said,

“Why not control your life, why not be the master of your habits, why not know the excitement and pride and joy of your responsibility and self-command.


Sex is the topic of universal interest, but around it swirl such powerful emotions and prejudices that a sane and balanced discussion of it is rare, to say the least. At one extreme there are people who feel that if you discuss the sex revolution at all you are condoning it-and I must say, some of our self-appointed “Sexperts” seem to be doing just that.

  1. adopt a helpless and pious oh-isn’t-it awful attitude that will bore and exasperate them.
  2. utter a serious of thunderous prohibitions based in the ancient authorities that no longer make sense to them, or
  3. pontificate at length on a subject about which, being a minister, he is not likely to know very much.

We say to out adult citizens, never mind the rules, just control yourself and behave decently-only to find that the whirlwinds of sex are too powerful in many cases to yield to self-control.

Before, sitting down to write these chapters, I did some extensive research. I read literally dozens of books, pamphlets and magazines article, sociological studies, and statistical reports, and church pronouncements on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Sexual freedom should be permitted to the fullest extent short of injury-provable injury-to another human being”.

I have had told me that sex is too explosive and dangerous a commodity to be handed over to immature people with no strings attached. It’s is too much like letting a small child decide himself whether or not to run across a traffic-filled intersection. He just doesn’t have judgement. You can explain the hazards to him, you can point out the dangers, but then you have to say “Don’t!” and make it stick.

This belief of mine does not contradict with the theme of this book, which is a need to self-responsibility.

It’s is simply recognize that the process of growth is required before self-responsibility becomes possible and that until that growth is achieved, people must be protected-even against themselves.

Otherwise, they may damage or even destroy themselves before they get within shouting distance of true self-control.


With respect.

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