I must start with apologizing for the book. Sin, Sex and Self-Control by Norman Vincent Peale. I’m Working on it. Tomorrow pretty sure, no doubt at all.

Notes are considered as ART. Because a line you had written. It will make you perform not only in exams also in the meeting you need to take notes known as MINUTES. A very short note about the meeting. It will help you there. Even you can carry for life long. You’ll feel quite glad about it.

Notes talk about, how far you had taken the notes from your professors. And how far gonna understand from it.

If someone is teaching you. it’s far better if you note it down. You have to take the notes very faster, most probably it’s difficult to use different stick pens. So in the same pen, you can draw a line on the right side of your page, it’s for your new vocabulary also certain ‘terms’ you might don’t know. So, if you note that certain terms. It will help you whenever you have seen the notes and you can google it.

By the left side. I have to say that. You have to write as much as faster. Because you should not miss any points. At least sometimes the relevant headings you must note it down. If you felt that, you are writing very badly. I’ll handle it either one of the ways. Sometimes both.

1. Start writing CAPS (CAPITAL LETTERS), not sounds silly, but if you start writing in CAPS in an urgent situation. You can write a little better. It will help you to cover mostly 100%. Also, you can understand what you had written. Most people had taken notes. It’s impossible to understand what they had written? I’m saying about the words, it’s impossible to understand.

2. But I really wonder few people are writing very fast and legible. That seems awesome, even I too notice in my schools and college. I asked them, how it’s possible? It’s PRACTICE. They replied.

Just what we need to do is, every day we have to write 30 minutes fast and legible.

The Mantra is: Keep on writing, until you get good progress. Even it takes a year, please don’t worry. Work on it.

It will pay back the best results.

I hope these lines will impact in your notes.
With respect.


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