RULES TO BE A SPEAKER: No hesitation. No fear. No shyness. No perfection. Nothing.

At the very first step, you have to be voluntarily come out to speak. You need to hold the mic. There is nothing wrong, whether you are speaking right or wrong. But the matter is you need to have a sign of strong courage, a sign of strong willingness, a sign of strong motivation, a sign of strong desire.

People are so passionate to be a speaker, but they are worried about,

Am I speaking right or wrong?

Am I keeping the English good?

Did people pay attention to me?

No need to bother, never mind the people, what I mean is, you must stand before them to speak, if you are ready to speak, after a certain point of time. you will surely know,

What to speak?

What is the content?

How should I prepare?

These all the stuff comes, only if you make a step forward.

So, are you ready to make a step forward?

Let’s say YES.

Things will work.

With Respect.

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