Honestly speaking, I had started the new habit known as accepting constructive criticisms.

Yeah, my mentors, my teammates, my friends and my social media followers are giving some constructive criticism. I was genuinely started accepting it. Because they knew about me.

How am I?

What are my results?

Quite logically, every reader who is reading my blog post, they knew my mistakes, they knew where am I struggling. If they are suggesting my pitfalls, and saying to me publicly or personally, that alright. But I would like to take it as a step towards improvement, rather than carrying vengeance or unfollowing them or blocking them, that seems the amateur writer

“I would love to be an upcoming, aspiring writer”.

It’s not a matter if you are staying in the top, or the beginner. You should ready to accept your criticisms in a constructive manner. You must be hanging on with that. Unless things never work.

With Respect.

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