The habit of minimalism has started roaming right now, it’s absolutely needed for the upcoming generation. 

We would love to show to publicly, what we have. 
We are totally driven by a materialistic goal.
We don’t know the value of real purpose in life.

“We are still buying those materials, which has only expense not an impact. We should start buying, what is needed and how we consume it in a fair manner”.
We knew, that every individual knew very well.

I’m not advising anyone, to stop buying materials. 
But I’m asking you all, a question and this question applicable to myself too. 

What do we want?
Is this needed?
Am I buying for my use?
Is this gonna be long lasting?
Is that gonna affect my financial freedom?

We don’t know the answers, but we cannot control by our self. It became a habit.
We should learn to stop it. 
we need to prioritize what we want?

With Respect.


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