There are a certain set of skills required in order to start up or to secure a place in the fortune companies. 

1. LISTENING: I wanna start with certain sequential orders that people are struggling very badly. We often talk a lot. But we don’t like to listen and we don’t wanna listen. The power of listening has been enormously going down. People would like to talk a lot, but they don’t pay attention to the opposite person. My straight forward statement is we don’t have the patience to listen. This is the foremost mandatory skill everyone has to equip.

2. WHAT TO COMMUNICATE: Be precise about what you wanna say, Be clear and crisp. Don’t forget to say the right word. Say with facts. 

3. WRITING: There is nothing called a short sentence or a long sentence. If you wanna write, what you wanna write? Have a purpose. Don’t make too much story. Don’t be too short. Write about what you would like to convey. Take care of your grammars. If it’s a business letter, use business terminology. the words you had written a should be professional and genuine.

4. TYPING: I mean, typewriting skill, I’m not giving a silly statement. Right now, we all have computers. None of them is writing. Of course, we should write at least 30 minutes a day. As far as, computer playing a prominent role. We should have the typing skill, WPM matters (WORDS PER MINUTE). There are huge resources are available to learn the habit of typing. If you are typing as fast as, it makes you finish work very fast. 

5. KNOWLEDGE: Upgrade yourself, there is nothing wrong with self-learning. You should know what’s going on. You have to read books a minimum of 3 books every month. Read newspaper and magazines that give you a brief understanding.

With Respect.

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