We still don’t know why we are sad?

We still don’t know what causes us sad?

We still couldn’t pinpoint what are the regrets?

We still couldn’t find the solutions for our regrets?

Jeff Bezos, rightly pointed out, HAVE NO REGRETS.

If you aren’t productive, you can regret, if you are not a good leader, you can regret. We are still unnecessarily holding out our regrets.

Regrets will cause psychological damage and Sleep deprivation. It will naturally make you weak. Even, if you got success, something will keep on affecting you.

Never carry the regrets, not required at all. You need to find the solution for regrets. You have to know why I’m sad. Every human carries regrets. I’m not denying, but well still don’t know what are those?

Do whatever it takes, there is still room for improvement. Work hard and smart.

No regrets, please.

With Respect.

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