I would like to talk about Quitting is the very bad habit, also I say never ever give up.

But, when it came to strategic quit, it’s the best option to move on it.

“strategic quitting is the secret of successful organizations. Reactive quitting and serial quitting are the bane of those that strive (and fail) to get what they want. And most of the people do just that. They quit when it painful and stick when they can’t be bothered to quit”.


Giving up is not the worst option, knowing when giving up is the best option. Please don’t give when it painful or you been lost. Quit when and where. You should know the psychology of quitting.

Often, Entrepreneurs and businessman’s, they watch the market very well. They knew when to realize the product or services. They knew when to step back. It doesn’t mean, they are lost or they don’t know? They are well aware of market fluctuation. They visualize pretty well.

With Respect.

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