This is the most well-known analysis everybody knows. Even for individuals and organizations.

To be a growth-oriented persona, we need to take some analysis.

STRENGTH: We knew very well, what is our strength. But how far we are strong enough is also a very big question.

Are you 100%, when it comes to strength?

This single question decides your strength. No more.

OPPORTUNITIES: Every day, we could able to see there are enough opportunities, but grabbing is the most important one. Rather than waiting for the opportunities, we can search for it. and we can seize it. we must seize. That’s the turning point of life.

WEAKNESS: Most of us don’t know what is our weakness? we couldn’t list out. Because we are hesitated to show our weakness. Even, 4 years ago, I was totally blind, if someone asks, what was your weakness? I will say without thinking a moment, I don’t have a weakness. Seems crazy, everybody laughs. Right now, I knew a weak spot. I knew my pitfalls. I knew that where I’m lagging. Everybody has their own set of weakness. We should say what is what and we need to overcome.

THREATS: we still couldn’t identify the differences in Weakness and Threats. I personally say that weakness is the short term effect. The threat is the Long-term effect.

Every decision we make are those ones, it will make a huge impact on the future. Whether it is good or bad. We must identify the threats every day. A small threat will have a huge loss in the future.

Here, Successful people knew very well. what is my strength? They never bother about it.

Also, they knew their weakness too. They will start working on their weakness and threats. If you overcome your weakness and threats you will be the GOAT.


Let’s take this analysis.

With Respect.

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