When it comes to journaling, It should make an impact throughout the day.

It might be a gratitude journal, positive journal, you are writing your goals for the day.

I have these set of format to write the journal. I hope that it will make sense for all of you.

Starts with,


Today is the gonna be the most valuable day for me. I have to find deep calmness upon myself. I have to rebuild my personality in order to succeed. I have to read a lot, listen a lot, write a lot, and then speak a lot. I should be fit with physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually, sensitively. I have to pay attention to my mind and soul rather than looking at others. I must better than I was yesterday. Time management = life management. I must allocate a certain amount to the tasks. I must be genuine with regards to character. I must be productive with regards to work. I have to be more balanced. Even though, I should be ready to accept the burnouts. I need to learn to handle stress. Every night, I must prepare To-Do-List for the upcoming day. I have to create the habit of “Do what you love and Love what you Do”.

Thank you, Almighty,

I’m feeling great.

With Respect.

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