Past 4 more years, I’m self-educating, it doesn’t mean that I disagree with the high schools and colleges. I learned a lot from my school and college. Apart from that career, I had taken an enormous initiative towards my goals.


The matter is, none of them will teach you. Your subject, your business you need to take care of it. You have to do independent research. You must come up with the solutions. You must track the results. You must ready to face terrible failures. In order to move forward.


The key is:

1. List out what do you want?

2. Prepare a Time plan for every task.

3. Create a habit of reading appropriate to your work, and quite often widely too is far good.

4. Research is a strength.

5. Start writing what you had understood and published it too.

6. Show the results to your mentor.

7. Be Self-Motivated.

8. Read the inspiring stories from influential people.

9. Never-Say-Never.

10. Be Persevere.

With Respect.

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