JUST A FACT: Yeah, it’s very simple to quit your path, Someone will surely take over your path.

But the habit of quitting is vulnerable, I must say it’s a habit, very nasty habit because if you started quitting you are cultivating the habit of quitting. If you are moving to the next path, if some obstacles affect you, surely it will make you quit. Then move onto to one and another.

“At last, you never succeed”.

This is happening. You are allowing, none of them saying to you to quit. But it’s purely your fault.

It’s not simply to have a great idea, then if sometimes you lose, then quitting. You must learn from it and create a habit of resilience.

It’s not a matter, the number of times you fall, if you are ready to get up every time after the fall, matters most.


Never give up. Hold-On.

With Respect.

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