An Art of Meditating:

As every successful person has their own productivity by the effective way of meditation.

Just sit in the place, step aside from the electronic devices not only, but what distracts you primarily.

Close your eyes and listen to your breath.

Inhale and Exhale.

As a human, we can stop everything, if we are in meditation. But through inhale and exhale called Pranayama. If we are doing that breathing exercises we can prevent unnecessary thoughts. And things come under our control.

I personally prefer to do meditation in both as much as early morning and evening too.

Meditating 30 minutes in the morning and evening will provide a massive result. Not only mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually too.

A few successful Entrepreneurs by their daily meditation,

Jeff Weiner LinkedIn CEO blocks out time in his calendar each day to practice his meditation. Why Weiner says the reason is simple: “Just to think”.

Ray Dalio, the founder of the world largest Hedge fund, says that meditation is the single largest thing he can trace back to his success, entrepreneurs should pay attention. He is been meditating over 40 years.

Oprah Winfrey believes in meditation more as a form of “Getting closer to God” and cities is as one of the most significant things she is done on her journey to a billion-plus dollars’ worth of success.

There is a huge difference between Successful and Unsuccessful people is, Unsuccessful people, say I have no time.

Allocate certain time to meditate, this is the best investment for us. Like reading.

With Respect.

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