The thought you feed in the early morning decides the day. Seriously, it all about something you read in the morning and you missed something in the morning. Might be your work is pending that makes you feel unwell.

You need to draw your attitude, that’s the first move in the morning. Write it down, what needs to be done. 99% you must follow the written plan. Just 1%, stuff may fluctuate. Read a few inspirational lines and have a hard jog. Or follow the mantra, that makes you stronger in physically, mentally, intellectually. Don’t go to bed with the sucking mindset, if your attitude is still remaining, just clear it off. Or else, it will flow on an upcoming day.

Keep the work up-to-date. You need to have a set of systematic procedure to run the day, not only smoothly, but also successfully. Train your mind, to face the challenging issues.

With Respect.

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