For the past few posts, I got a couple of likes and a couple of followers. How?

Very simple. I’m working on every day, I was thinking every day, I’m allotting a certain amount of time every day. It’s not simply at my first post, I got likes and followers.

My friends and colleague asking me, how could you able to write every day with some different contents?

Again the simple answer is I’m writing every day. At least a page in the word document, before blogging, I started a habit of writing from 2012. I wasn’t writing well at all. But I have forgiven myself, I just keep on writing, Although I was an avid reader and I would like to become an aspiring writer too.


I was completely engaged with reading as well as writing simultaneously. Every time I would love to say the Rome quote, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. It takes time, But you have to keep on working until your results come.

With Respect.

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