One fine day, the rain was pouring, Mr. President was getting ready with the black broadcloth coat  to address the meeting. On the way to the White House,


Mr. President saw the kit rabbit was stumbling in the downpour of the rain, none of them are expected that Mr. President was drenching in the rain.

It’s was, unbelievable.

What Mr. President had seen, no one had seen,

Mr. President was trying to save the kit rabbit. In and around President’s closest advisors are totally appalling.

Eventually, Mr. President has safeguarded the kitty.

Everybody was flabbergasted.

More awfully, the next moment Mr. President was March on to address it, with drenched clothes.

The crowd seems, atrocious.

In the End, addressed, with bit delay.

The Moral of the story, I had learned is,

The tendency to help even though it was a rabbit, Honest Abe is the (sobriquet for Abraham Lincoln) thinks that it was also a living creature. Also, Abe thought to address the meeting in the drenched dress. For Abe dress not at all matter, to address the meeting matters most.

Dignity or prestigious is absolutely nothing.

With Respect.

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