Each and every single day the work was totally dynamic, but we should have the pace towards the work. We cannot simply say; THE DAY WAS NASTY or THE WORK SEEMS INTOLERABLE. But we should gradually engage with the work. Learn to adapt. Just love the work, Hang around the right well-minded people. Form a loyal team, trust them, let them too trust you. Then the work will too flexible and succeeds.

The matter is:

1. Embrace knowledge.

2. Admit when you are wrong.

3. If someone say’s better point, reward them, Hey Buddy, that’s sounds better.

4. Take a huge responsibility.

5. Have the adequate materials.

6. Have a productive debate.

7. Pay “An art of Gratitude”.

8. Be optimist.

9. Let’s be out of comfort zone.

10. Never-Ever-Give-Up.

With Respect.

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