We all are working towards our goals, every day. The results on every day might affect us. But we must learn from that and get up in the next morning back to the track and fight for it. No way. No compromise. we are worth fighting, but we should get rid off from the frustration, revenge, grudge.

One of my office mate ask me every day, how was your work going on?

More often I say, When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. At last we both and laugh each other.

Of Course, when we march towards the goals, Stuff won’t be favourable for us. It will surely grind us, we must swallow it and move further. Things won’t be fine, until you move.

Do you have certain kind of intuitiveness?   

To feel that, I’M SO FAR, SO GOOD, But I’ will KEEP GOING.

With Respect.

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