If you are highly motivated my yourself, You are ready to motivate others. Look at the person or group, ask them to write it in a paper what’s your dreams?

Of course Everybody will write very well. The matter is we all have full of desire and ready to attain it. But the fact is we aren’t working at all. We don’t do research about what you want.

We aren’t building our skills to attain the goals?

We aren’t break them into Short term, Middle term, Long term.

We aren’t going through the goal, Everyday we are getting personal upset, it’ll affect our goals too.

Our progress towards our goals not yet constant.

At last you need to say to them, By the simple quote, “ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY”.

Make them to feel the sense of the goal. There is nothing wrong, if you repeat the few sentences again, because it will sit with their soul. Just say to them you goals will be attained, but you should act right now, what I mean, after our conversation ends. There is nothing called instant success. You need to do your homework.

With Respect.

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