The art of habit of reading started disappearing in the recent era, felt miserable to convey. The Reading habit is the form of a journey. If you open a book, I deeply request to read from the cover. Book Name, who’s the Author, Name of the publication, again turn it back and read it. From the preface or first with Contents. Have a deep reading and take a pen or pencil. It will help you to point out. From the First chapter, you can underline the unknown vocabulary and for important lines with open and closed brackets. keep a quiet mind and start reading, but don’t jump for the important points. PLEASE DON’T DO SKIMMING. That’s completely bad for the reader. You must have adequate patience to read in-order to grab. if you are comfortable in a quiet place or if you are in a loud arena. Make yourself free from all kinds of stuff. keep an eagle eye on the book. You will notice yourself a sense of concentration. Your state of mind in a deep mode. The Rule is “Bracketed must be written in the separate notebooks”.

With Respect.

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