To be a writer, you must read a lot. From the 360 Angle.  An avid writer is also an avid reader. To write, you must think in the reader point of view. Blindly, you can’t say the things roughly, but you should have the sense of purpose. You must pick the right vocabulary. You have to edit a lot. Until you get the right sentence or words or stories or characters. Every Fiction and Non-Fiction book should make reader to think deepen. Keep the words wise. Choose the vocabulary for the reader and make reader to search on it. Give your far best to every book. Make sure your publishers have a good and smooth papers. Of Course, it’s necessary. Because paper also make a reader to fell and touch. If it takes a year to prepare a book no need to worry, have a patience and Do It. Have a gut to determine to write a book. Deliver well. Grammatically be 100%. Seek English professors.

With Respect.   

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