We knew that money that makes us fully satisfies. Until you realize that Real Success and Real Legacy. Money is the only TOOL, that will makes you to happy that’s all. It won’t makes you 100% satisfied, until you last breath. No need to depend on money, no need to follow the money, no need to steal the money. You have to take care the money very wisely. save and spend wisely, You can make rather save or invest only. Please don’t blindly give it to next generation, Make them to realize the Value of the Money. Teach them how to spend. Money makers, i.e Billionaires or Millionaires they aren’t addicted to money. They are addicted to the Success. They are the result oriented people. Money is following them. MONEY COMES NATURALLY, IF YOU FOCUS ON YOUR RESULTS. DON’T CATCH IT(money).
With Respect.

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