Deliberately speaking, i still don’t know how to write?
but i love read, i started reading since my collage. how does the connection came from reading to writing. past seven years, i was reading gradually i read everyday, it doesn’t matter. I’m an qualified AVID READER. When i read, read, read, my thought-provoking has been changing. i couldn’t realize but whenever i read i feel and notice a lot of beautiful lines. The next moment the author of the book came into my mind. How the author forms the life-changing lines by the forms of words. i started to write, still i don’t know where to start, i feel with inferiority complex about the sentence formation and vocabulary. But i kept those things aside and i started searching authors and searching their meaning of the words in the dictionary. That made me to write, even i was typing now, i couldn’t believe. But I LOVE NOT ONLY READING ALSO WRITING. 
With Respect.

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