As i started watching the Extraordinary success from the Successful people, the material factor (money) comes naturally, then they knew very well, the ART OF MAKING MONEY. We say, it in single word called PASSIVE INCOME. I felt totally overwhelmed and full of desire to attain the extraordinary success and the end position of passive income. Those most successful people and billionaire they have the motto of promoting the other people. They raise others by giving them set of money and they took the responsibility to cure the disease, they had decided to built a Rocket, simply we should not say absurd, what i mean is landing into the other planets apart from the Earth. Most of the Fortune 500 Companies Founders and Co-Founders are allocating their 99% of their shares to the charity. IT’S MIND-BLOWING FOR ME. Then i personally decided to take a “PLEDGE”. To be an philanthropist. Rather than own the Villa and Rolls Royce. Let’s attain the extraordinary Success. And deliberately be an philanthropist.

With Respect.

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